Flea Market

Growing up, whenever I see a flea market, it indicates a fiesta is just around the corner and my heart gets giddy with excitement. I guess that’s how my penchant for such begun.

Every time I go to flea markets, I try to find something that will make me remember the place. Hats and earrings are the most common things I buy. I fancy it so much when I could make a story out of them and romanticize. I once bought a pair of earrings and thought what if it was a gift from a soldier to his lover but he died in the war and it was never given to her and so on and so forth.

Another thing I love to find are the food. If you want to try something than usual, surely flea markets have something unique to offer. Being an adventurer on foods, this is my own piece of heaven.

My last haul are Dutch cheese, French hazelnut jam and duck paté. They were from an international market at Kongens Nytorv. The market was there for a couple of days then they travel to the next city.

I am still a bit new here in Denmark, so there are still a lot of markets I need to explore. Who knows I might actually find that epic story I am looking for.


French Chorizo


Variety of cheese from The Netherlands


Knitted stuff from Italy



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