The Riddle

I can’t pour my heart out, the feelings, the anguish, the pain, neither the happiness nor the love… every emotion succumb to knowing what is right and what is just. Every word I breathe is a riddle from the truth that I feel. It is a clicking time bomb. I am trap in an oubliette and it has become my comfort ground. I am far from the world where I used to be. I have built my own world with barricades from my own self. I have become a stone.

I am surrounded by lies, betrayal, greed and lust, fenced with poverty and sin.  These coat the world that I see. It is cruel but fate have given me worse. It took away everything and everyone I can hold on to and placed them where I can’t find the comfort of blaming their absence.  I have cried until even tears have left my eyes and as if it was not enough, when I was at my  lowest, temptation came in forms of gold and chocolates. It taunted and teased me with its false warmth and security.

The riddle…

The truth behind my smile is tears.

The past behind my strength is pain.



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