No Bake Cakes


It started when I asked Leng to bake me a cake for my 31st birthday… And no she did not bake one. She has the most annoying work schedule. When someone is sick and she can’t find someone to take his or her place, she will go instead. And of course someone got sick the day before my birthday.

Well I guess that is one of the drawbacks of  being a manager on a luxury confectionery shop. What is that anyways, if you are a chocolate lover and you are surrounded with first class chocolate  coated liquorice. It would be a heaven on earth kind-of place for you, just make sure you love the rubber tasting,(my own description) danish most loved liquorice.

Now going back to my cake… so the day of my birthday came, she did bring a cake baked by someone else and to be fairly honest it was not good. And so with her guilty mind, everyone’s teasingly comments and of course my heartless badgering,   the next day she made a frozen tiramisu and it was one best I have ever tasted…

And so that started the no bake cakes from our small circle of friends… The last one she made was for her husband’s birthday!

Dark chocolate and strawberry frozen cheese cake